Zaff Architecture

Andrea Zaff is the founder and sole practitioner of Zaff Architecture, a full service architectural practice located in the greater Boston area. Her premise involves investigating movement through space, qualities of natural light, and access to nature, which have a restorative impact on health and wellbeing. This quieter alternative reveals her inspiration for discreet modernism.





Residential Design is an intimate architectural endeavor. With this in mind, Andrea's ongoing client dialogue ensures that each project generates tailored designs that meet a family’s needs and enhances their lifestyle. 

Her personalized approach to each project incorporates your intent and a projects fullest potential. Her ideas trace a clear, logical path in her work, and results in a clean, sophisticated vision with enduring elegance to all her projects. Results are flexible, affordable, casually elegant, and rational.

Central to Andrea’s philosophy is the goal of long-term satisfaction and livability, with each project sustaining its relevance over time.

Projects are often inspired by the rich architectural traditions found throughout New England, with careful reinterpretation for each client’s distinct needs. Additions and modifications of historic homes often demand the integration of modern conveniences with flexible living spaces. Her innovative renovations enhance the existing structure, and are thoughtfully incorporated without destroying its original integrity. The end goal is that each project be “of our time and timeless”.

Andrea is a registered Architect in Massachusetts and New York. Before establishing her own practice, she practiced for 20 years in Chicago, Manhattan and now in the greater Boston area.




The design process begins with a complimentary consultation to discuss your objectives. My practice offers full architectural services. For budget-conscious clients, I provide the following services on an as-needed basis:

  • Design studies
  • Kitchen Design
  • Master Planning
  • New home consultation
  • Finish, Lighting, Plumbing, Appliance & Hardware Selection
  • Sustainability
  • Interior Design
  • Custom Furniture
  • Built-In Cabinetry
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Oversight

Surveyor, Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer, 3D modeling, Structural Engineer


Recently Completed

1948 Center Hall Colonial
Restoration / Addition


  • Bedrooms: 5 rooms, incl. one guest suite
  • Bathrooms: 4 1/2
  • Attic: finished attic
  • Size: existing 2,655 sf, after addition: 4,961 sf (incl. finished basement)
  • Completed: 2014
  • Location: Newton, MA
  • Builder: Britton Homes
  • Photography: Matthew Delphenich



The client wished to restore and expand this older home while maintaining its modest 1948 Colonial front facade. The back of the house was cramped, dark and had little access to the beautiful level backyard.


A partial two-story addition at the back of the house blends with the existing architecture. The addition focuses on making a connection to the private backyard by adding much needed eastern daylight throughout the home. Modernizing the flow in and around the kitchen and incorporating an open floor plan was critical to the design concept, making the kitchen a focal point in the home where cooking is central to the family’s daily lifestyle. A much needed master suite, guest suite and powder room were also part of the renovation.

Under Construction

1930 Center Hall Colonial
Restoration / Addition


  • Bedrooms: 5 rooms and one guest suite
  • Bathrooms: 4 1/2
  • Attic: finished attic
  • Size: existing 4,556 sf, after addition: 5,479 sf (incl. finished basement)
  • Completed: (in construction)
  • Location: Belmont, MA
  • Builder: Nick Portnoy Builders



The client wished to restore, expand and simplify the back of this older home while maintaining the elegant1930 Colonial front facade. 


A two-story addition was added; including a light filled sunroom, kitchen, mudroom, master suite and finished attic at the back of the house.  To accommodate the new spaces, a gable was added, which enabled us to eliminate previous multiple roof lines, simplifying the back elevation. The clients request to maximize the morning eastern light was accomplished by adding windows carefully scaled to blend with the existing home.

On the Board

1850 Federal Style Home
Restoration / Addition


To restore the magnificent Federal details while bringing this house into the 21st century.  A 2 car garage to this gracious home was necessary without distracting from the original 1850 Federal home, while assuring it corresponds with the existing neighboring historic homes.  A convenient entry from the garage to the main house was also lacking. The renovation also includes a complete kitchen and master suite renovation.  The addition must be approved by the local Historic Commission.

1876 Single Family Home
Restoration / Addition


The existing house is compartmentalized due to multi-generational living arrangements by the former owner. The clients ambition was to create an open first floor plan that maximizes the living space and their desire to entertain. The house does not currently have an entry area, and is in need of coat closets for the family of four.